Insurance policies

The Speicherstadt is part of the free port. Duty does not have to be paid on goods while they are stored here.
The Speicherstadt is part of the free port. Duty does not have to be paid on goods while they are stored here.

Pension insurance policies are generally valid anywhere in the world.

Health insurance
If your current health insurance does not cover a permanent stay abroad, you will need to take out a new health insurance policy. If you are employed, your employer will register you. However, it may be more advantageous for you to take out private health insurance yourself.

Personal liability and household insurance
In Germany everyone has to have a private personal liability insurance policy. Furthermore, the tenancy agreement will require you to take out household insurance as well.

Service for our customers:
We offer advice in co-operation with an independent insurance consultant.

Dealing with banks

Innenhof der Hamburger Börse. In diesem Gebäudekomplex sind außerdem die Handelskammer Hamburg und die Polizei untergebracht.
Inner Court of the Hamburg Stock Exchange
This building complex also houses the Hamburg Chamber of Trade and the police.

Opening a bank account is straightforward. Usually you will need to be resident in Germany. The granting of credit will be tied to certain conditions.

Service for our customers:

We will help you in selecting a suitable bank, accompany you on your first meeting and go through all the formalities with you.

Driving in Germany

Driving licence

Nationals of most EU states can now drive here in Germany on their driving licences. Special regulations apply to citizens of some European countries, that are not part of the EU. Foreigners from countries outside the EU need to have their driving licences transferred, and this is subject to different requirements.

Die Köhlbrandbrücke verbindet die Autobahn A7 mit dem Hafengelände.
The Köhlbrandbrücke connects the A7 motorway with the port area.


You can import your car or motorbike from abroad without any problems. However, it must comply with German statutory requirements if you want to drive it here.


Your car must be registered with the local road traffic licensing department and the registration document will be issued by that authority. This allows you to have a number plate made.


In contrast to some other countries, your vehicle must be insured against third-party risks in Germany. That insurance will apply even if someone else is driving your car. That is why it is important to choose the right insurance package.

Technical inspection (MOT)

New vehicles must be officially tested for technical defects every three years, and older vehicles every two years. In addition an emission test must be carried out every year.

Hamburg is also your children’s new home

For children of all ages there are sports associations, religious organisations and local cultural centres that offer a wide range of leisure activities.
For children of all ages there are sports associations, religious organisations and local cultural centres that offer a wide range of leisure activities.


In Germany children are required to attend school for nine years starting from the age of six. The schooling system involves four years of primary education and is then generally divided into three branches:

A general certificate of education is obtained after nine years, and this is generally followed by training within a company.

The secondary school certificate is obtained after 10 years and provides access to technical colleges and training in various occupational categories.

The “Abitur” – or ‘A’ level equivalent – after 12 years of schooling is a requirement for university entrance.

Service for our customers:

We can find out for you which of your children’s certificates of education are recognised in Germany and we advise you in selecting suitable – international – schools and kindergartens, as well as helping you with registration.

On request we can also arrange individual language courses for your children.

... and if your children want to join in activities with German children we will look for a sports club.

Checklist for moving out

Most of these things have always to be done before moving out:

  • Terminating your tenancy agreement
  • Checking the final account
  • Closing bank accounts, cancelling insurance policies, telephone, electricity, newspaper subscriptions etc.
  • Appointing a suitable removals company
  • Appointing suitable painters and decorators as well as a cleaning service
  • Handing over the keys
  • Monitoring refund of the deposit

Service for our customers:

If you move out of Hamburg, we will look after the move and put you in touch with one of our relocation partners at your destination so that the process of moving in is just as smooth as that of moving out.

If you are moving to Hamburg, one of our relocation partners will be pleased to look after the removal at the other end.

Contact us on +49 40 678 10 84
or write to us!

Checklist for relocating

Hamburg zugefrorene BinnenalsterHere are a few points that need to be considered in almost every case. Further action might be required for your particular situation.

  • Where do you want to live?
  • What are your requirements as regards your new home?
  • Do you need to hire furniture?
  • Do you need an office?
  • Do you know the local regulations concerning registration with the police authorities, residence and work permits at your destination?
  • Do you have all the necessary documents to hand?
  • Do you need a new bank account?
  • Does your existing insurance cover you at your new address?
  • Is your driving licence valid in Germany?
  • Do you want to bring your car with you?
  • Do you know the requirements for registering your car in Germany?
  • Do your domestic pets meet the conditions of entry?
  • Who will be transporting your household contents?
  • Checklist for moving out

Service for our customers:

We already have the answer to some of these questions - and we can work on the other answers together.

Just call us on +49 40 678 10 84
or write to us!

Dealing with the authorities

Rathaus HamburgUnlike some other countries, everyone who lives in Germany has to be registered here and re-register on moving.

If you come from one of the 'old' EU countries and want to work here, you will receive a residence permit. Residents of the 'new' EU countries have to apply for additional permits.

If you come from a country outside the EU and want to work here, you need residence and work permits as well, and maybe a visa.

As soon as you start to work in Germany, you are also liable to pay tax in Germany.

Service for our customers:

We will register you with the relevant authorities, provide support in obtaining your work permit, look after your residence permit and will apply for an income tax card for you.

Our Authority Package is certainly a good option.

The Authority Package

Dealing with authorities

Registration with authorities, application for tax card and tax-ID, application for residence and work permits, support when applying for a visa

Further registrations

Registration of telephone, TV, internet connections, electricity, gas, and water


Assistance with finding a suitable bank and opening a German bank account


Assistance with taking out insurance policies in co-operation with an independent insurance consultant

Homesearch Plus

Die HafenCity: Wohnen am Wasser und citynah. Typisch Hamburg und dennoch ganz neu.


Determination of the specific requirements, pre-selection of suitable properties, making

appointments, joint visits of the selected places, handing over of the keys

Rental contract

Negotiation of the rental contract, oral translation and explanation of the rental contract


Registration with authorities

Further registrations

Registration of telephone and internet connections, electricity, gas, water