If you want to explore Hamburg by bike,

you can rent one of the red bicycles at many rental stations in the city at a reasonable price. The first 30 minutes are even free of charge.

And it's really simple:

Renting at a terminal
each StadtRAD Hamburg rental station has a central operating terminal:

  • Activate the touch screen by touching it.
  • Identify yourself with your EC, credit or customer card.
  • Select the city bikes (max. 2 per customer) you want to borrow using the bike numbers displayed.
  • Tap onto the display of the bicycle lock. The lock opens, pull out the locking bolt and you are ready to go.

Renting by phone
if you don't have your EC, credit or customer card at hand, you can also rent a StadtRAD by telephone. Call the red phone number on the lock cover and rent your bike quickly and easily.

Driving stop
if you want to park your StadtRAD during the tour, secure it with the bicycle bar. Use your personal opening code to unlock. This code is shown on the display of the bicycle lock for a short time when locking it. You can also find it in the customer portal under your personal data and can change it online at any time.

Returning your bike
you can return your StadtRAD at any rental station in Hamburg:
Connect the wheel to a free parking space.
Press the lock button on the right side of the bicycle lock.
The lock now recognizes the parking space and your return is complete.

Returning station occupied
if all parking spaces at a station are occupied, park the bike at the station, secure it with the bicycle bolt and press the lock button on the right side of the bicycle lock.
Please note: If the bike is parked next to the station, a service charge will be charged according to the price list.

Here is how you get to the StadtRAD:

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