Our aim is to give you an advantage

A career in Hamburg goes hand in hand with social contacts and cultural interests. The theatres in Hamburg – the “Deutsche Schauspielhaus” is the one you can see here – offer the right breeding-ground for both.

We take some of the load off your personnel department and your secretary by dealing with everything that has to be done to settle down in Hamburg quickly and easily.

We can reduce the costs and inconvenience of temporary hotel accommodation by finding a new home for your staff at short notice.

Your new member of staff is immediately available for work: he can concentrate on the tasks in hand because he knows that he and his family are being looked after well – in English, French and Spanish. We take care of all the formalities from residence permits to vehicle registrations.

Our customer hotline is manned almost round the clock so that we can deal with urgent problems very quickly.

We can translate your documents into and from over 60 languages.

A contact is available for your member of staff and his family on request for the complete duration of his stay in Hamburg.

Questions such as:
Am I being charged the right amount for service and maintenance?
Where can we leave our family pet when we are on holiday?
Where can I find a new domestic help?
– these and many other details that can soon turn life in a new location into a nightmare are things we can solve for you and your members of staff.

You can arrange with us which individual level of support you require or book one of our service packages:

Homesearch Only
Homesearch Plus
The Authority Package
The Basic Package
The Complete Package
The RTS Special Package